We need to appreciate our strengths the way other people do

Photo by William Recinos on Unsplash

“How much did you make?” I ask my daughter when she returns from her latest babysitting gig. She’s home from college for the summer and has more families calling her than she can accommodate.

“They paid me $80,” she says.

She can tell by the incredulous look on my face…

“There’s an active shooter in our building…”

The scene on Piedmont Road during the manhunt for Mark Barton (used under license from Reuters / Alamy)

“Someone just shot up the day-trading firm downstairs. There are bodies everywhere. I walked right up to it.”

I stare blankly at my father, unable to process the words he’s just said. He’s pale, his eyes glassy. I don’t realize it, but he’s in shock. …

Jack Calhoun

20+ years as managing principal of a wealth advisory firm. I write about the principles of sound investing, the solopreneur life and the wisdom of experience.

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